After 50 issues since 2008, MADE IN USA magazine change his title into : COUNTRY MUSIC MAG
a french point of view about Country Music in the USA

COUNTRY MUSIC MAG also got his page on facebook  
and a YouTube page when the magazine was title MADE IN USA magazine
Jack, MADE IN USA magazine manager and editor

A few words from France

As a long time american music fan, I only discovered what Country Music was for real since... 2006 !

September 2008, I became fan (and crazy) enough about this music genre to launch MADE IN USA magazine, the first ever, bimonthly printed in color, french magazine dedicated to Country Music.

December 2016, a decade of music, thousands of shows photos, great meets and talks with country artists and... My 50th issue printed!

No partnership with any major labels to help me to promote Country Music in France, a country which is unfortunately not considered as a real market for Country Music industry (for two mean reasons: language barrier and much too different musical culture).

Anyway, I go on to preach the 'good word' to french Country Music fans, enjoy to be invited to most popular french Country Music festivals, and sure one day I will make my way!

Already know that this 2018 version of web site will be the most professional and the one I will be the most proud of.

And, when I see some of Country Music american web site... No shame to have!

As we say in France: ''I ain't got my tongue in my pocket''. Never had and never will!

I do not make it for the money, I do not make it for the fame, I make it for love of this great music, these great bands and this incredibly talented american musicians and artists.

This new year will be, as usual, full of great moments, music and thoughts to share with you, dear (american?) visitors.

If you are a country artist, any label (even a major label ;-), any guy or organisation who could help me in anyway to promote Country Music in France, you are welcome! You can contact me at

2017, new year and after 50 issues, time for change. So long MADE IN USA magazine, welcome COUNTRY MUSIC MAG

September 2018... A decade of passion for this great music and 60 issues published, not so bad as answer to those who predicted 2 years of life for my magazine!!!

Jacques ''Jack'' Mouchet, COUNTRY MUSIC MAG manager and editor


A STAR IS BORN by Bradley Cooper with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper
Country Music Mag's: 'MOVIE OF THE YEAR' Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France

Bradley Cooper: A (Country) star is born !

What a deep pleasure to discover and dive in this great movie.

A movie that touched me deep, wich does not happen so frequently. Talent of Bradley explosed more than ever in any part of this powerfull Master Piece ! What a voice coming strait from his guts and the way he filmed live scene on stage was so unique, so real, we could imagine he was born Country-Rock musician. Lady Gaga way of acting kept me out of breath. We already knows that she was a musical genius, she now can add to her profil: sensitive actress!

And, what to say about soudtrack ?... : the kind of album you need to hear again and again for weeks!!!


Buy 'A Star Is born' soundtrack on  

Colter Wall - Songs Of The Plains

SONGS OF THE PLAINS Young Mary’s Record Co.
Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France ALBUM OF THE MONTH !

Johnny Cash is still alive!....

And now lives in the skin of this young guy. More authentic than him... That does not exist. 23 years and a baryton voice twice older. Songs and words that enter your brain and dos not get out. What could we ask for more!?!

1. Plain to See Plainsman - 2. Saskatchewan in 1881 - 3. John Beyers (Camaro Song) - 4. Wild Dogs - 5. Calgary Round-Up - 6. Night Herding Song - 7. Wild Bill Hickok - 8. The Trains Are Gone - 9. Thinkin' on a Woman - 10. Manitoba Man - 11. Tying Knots in the Devil's Tail
Buy 'Songs Of The Plains' on  
Guitar Girl mgazine #5


Hi from France,

I discovered your magazine a few hours ago and I wanted to express you my deepest congratulations to the crew for the high quality of your magazine (I red the digital version of your Number Five issue on your web site).

Wishes you the best!!!

To go to Guitar Girl Mag web's site click on his cover  

Heather Morgan, brorowed Heart

BORROWED HEART Eleven Feathers Records
Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France ALBUM OF THE WEEK !

Miss Heather Morgan used to successfully write songs for others and, finally, find confidence enough to be by herself under spotlights, letting confortable songwriter for others's career behind her for a while.

Thanks to Paul Moak to convince her to do so!

What great album, voice and songs!!!

1. We Were a Fire - 2. Arms of a Lion - 3. Your Hurricane - 4. Morning Light - 5. Highway Robbery - 6. Fall Like Rain - 7. A Hundred Miles - 8. Still Think About You - 9. Paper - 10. Speckled Bird - 11. I Always Did - 12. Borrowed Heart

Rachel Wamack

Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France GREAT ALBUM !
1. Hard to Believe - 2. Closure - 3. My Boyfriend Doesn’t Speak for Me Anymore - 4. Damage
Buy 'DAMAGE' on  


No doubt about that: Rachel Wammack got one of the rare greatest new voice in 2018 US Country music !


David Lee Murphy on Country Music Mag, France 61st issue

David Lee Murphy, No Zip Code

Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France EXCEPTIONAL ALBUM
1. Way Gone - 2. No Zip Code - 3. Everything's Gonna Be Alright (with Kenny Chesney) - 4. I Won't Be Sorry - 5. Haywire - 6. As the Crow Flies - 7. Winnebago - 8. Get Go - 9. That's Alright - 10. Voice of Reason - 11. Waylon and Willie (and a Bottle of Jack)
Buy 'NO ZIP CODE' on  

After more than a decade of semi retired in his Nashville farm, 'only' occuped to produce mega hits for artists such as Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Jake Owen, Thompson Square (to name few of them) David Lee Murphy is back and...

What a Come Back !

‘‘No Zip Code’’ is one of the best 2018 albums I had the pleasure to listen to (and listen to, and listen to etc...)

11 songs you get soon the need to listen again and again. Melodies, guitar riffs, voice, cool feelings, nothing but the best!

Thank you David Lee to get out of your farm and deliver us such a great piece of work. A MASTER PIECE from a master-singer-songwriter.

Wait worth it !

And, last but not list, thank you Kenny Chesney to be abble to get David Lee back to studio for his own production, producer's cap fits you well too. One last question: is there anything you do not shine in!?!..




Kenny Chesney on cover of Country Music Mag, France 60th issue

Who could we put on our historical 60th issue July/August cover ? We did not think about that a long time: one of the country star we are so fan of: the unbelievable, talented, human being Kenny Chesney.

Thank you so much Kenny to be since so many years in our Pantheon of what Country Music could bring at his best


We at COUNTRY MUSIC MAG are so happy to discovered his great 9th album that we decided to thank him to deliver such great songs to put him on the cover of our next 59th issue (printed by the end of june)

Dierks Bentley - The Mountain, Capitol Records

The Mountain
Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France EXCELLENT ALBUM

1. Burning Man [feat. Brothers Osborne] - 2. The Mountain - 3. Living - 4. Woman, Amen - 5. You Can't Bring Me Down - 6. Nothing On But The Stars - 7. Goodbye In Telluride - 8. My Religion - 9. One Way - 10. Son Of The Sun - 11. Stranger To Myself - 12. Travelin' Light [feat. Brandi Carlile] - 13. How I'm Going Out

After ''Black'' and ''Riser'' his last two excellent albums, we wished Dierk be abble to go on to propose us this top quality... What a pleasure (and what a shame for us to doubt!). ''The Mountain'', once again, prooved us that Dierks Bentley is now close to the top of his own mountain. A mountain any artist has to climb, leaving fear and doubt behind, having the will, the strengh and most of all the envy to go on this, often hard, way to the top. Dierks has all of that and we hope that he will have these feeling for many years and our deep pleasure!

Want to buy this great album go to :
COUNTRY MUSIC MAG also got his page on facebook


Great success for the 10th Franck Boucheraud's ''Canadian Night'' at American Tours Festival : canadian artists rocked the night!
Franck Boucheraud at 10th Canadian Night, France Gord Bamford at 10th Canadian Night, France

Franck Boucheraud, creator of Canadian Night was glad to propose us for the 10th anniversary ...


Gord Bamford


Meghan Patrick at 10th Canadian Night, France Dane Davidson at 10th Canadian Night, France
... Meghan Patrick and Dane Davidson


Ashley campbell
The Lonely One
Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France EXCELLENT ALBUM

1. A New Year - 2. Cry - 3. Better Boyfriend - 4. A Taken Man - 5. The Lonely One - 6. Good For You - 7. I Wish I Wanted To - 8. How Do You Know - 9. Carl & Ashley’s Breakdown - 10. What I’m Doin’ Here - 11. We Can’t Be Friends - 12. Looks Like Time - 13. Nothing Day

I had the pleasure to see and listen to Ashley last june 20th at Bluebird Cafe, Nashville Tennessee (and too stupid and shy enough not to meet her after the show).

So listening his new album (3 times in a row) was a great pleasure !

It would be (to much) easy to talk about her roots and her father - the legendary Glen Campbell - but Ashley is much more than ''The daughter of...''

She got her own style and this new album is the evident proof, once more, that she is a lot talented too! Her sugar voice does not always match with sometime acid words of her songs and it is one of the interesting things about her : showing the multifested of her personality

A four star album so far !


Want to buy this great album go to :Humphead Country Records



Jordan davis
Home State
Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France EXCELLENT ALBUM

1. Take It From Me - 2. Going ‘Round - 3. More Than I Know - 4. Slow Dance In A Parking Lot - 5. Singles You Up - 6. Sundowners - 7. Tough To Tie Down - 8. Selfish - 9. Made That Way - 10. So Do I - 11. Dreamed You Did - 12. Leaving New Orleans

Always a pleasure to discover such a great new artist! (Thanks to Jo Ashbridge to made me discover this guy!)

One of my biggest pleasure is to discover great new artist! This is the case with Jordan Davis who released his debut album: ''Home State'' on March 23th. This talended singer/sonwriter wrote the 12 songs and most of them just sounds... Great! Jordan Davis... An inspired voice between Charles Kelley and Eric Church, and superbs and inventives melodies!!!


Want to buy this great album go to :
If you are in search of a great Country Music web site... You are at the good adress! Music, News, Tour Dates, Signed Albums to buy, Links and Biographies, you will find all you need to know about a big bunch of artists and some great rareties to buy like ''Country To Country best of'' ! the web site to go when you are an european Country music fan!!!
Country to Country best of

Country to Country is Europe's biggest and most successful Country Music Festival. This year the festival reaches its fifth year and to celebrate, the official release for the festival is "Country to Country – Best Of", which features the many artists who have performed at the festival since it's conception. This 40 track album features all the major country artists on a who's who of country music and a deluxe 24 page booklet.

To buy this great compilation click on the cover of the CD's

It is always a big pleasure to discover a new talent that made me asked myself this question: Is she the little sister of Rosanne Cash?

Courtney produces an authentic America / Country Music without all this artifices we often listen in big productions, only here to hide the absence of talent of some artist.

An acoustic guitar, a raw voice, full of soul, some hopefully discrete bass guitar and drums, some violin and pedal steel and, sometime rare old piano notes.
That's all she need to have around her to simply show us the deepness of her talent.

If you are in search of authenticity, you are at the good address

What it's like to fly alone Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France

Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush published on their Facebook page this great news: "Hi from a top secret location in NYC where we are putting the finishing touches on writing the new record!"
Jennifer Nettles & Kristian Bush from Sugarland are back!!!!

Such a big pleasure for an old fan like me to see you, at last, back together again ! I remember Kristian when we met during CMA International Marketing Summit, at Disneyland Paris (March 1st, 2013) before your show at Billy Bobs saloon, Paris, France. This too short conversation we had, how humble and deeply human you were and kind enough to put some nice words on the book of photographs I took of your only show in Paris, France (march 10th, 2009). I put you on the cover of my little magazine (issue 27th) and hope to see you both one of this future years on and out of stage.

All my love to both of you from your older french fan !!!!!

07:00 PM - We just learned this sand news : Daryle Singletary, 46 , died this morning in his home of Lebanon, Tennessee !!!
Daryle Singletary

Maried, he left behind him his wife Holly and his four young children.

We had the pleasure to see, listen en photograph him, live on stage, in France at the famous Country festival: Country Rendez-Vous, Craponne-sur-Arzon !






We are so happy to announce to our readers and web site visitors that we will be in New York City, next May, saturday 5th and will realise a review of THE greatest place to be for any Country Music fan in New York City !

Thanks so much Danielle to make it possible!!!

to visit OPRY CITY STAGE web site, click on the picture above



During my last june trip in Nashville, Tennessee I had the occasion to be often on the road in my car and… listening to Country radio stations. I quickly decided that NASH FM 103.3 was the best of all ! Next time I will be in Nashville, gonna see you to review your radio station in my magazine !


What a pleasure to hear them together again!

We liked their solo period but, sometime, 1 plus 1 is much more than 2!!! This magic alchemy is still the same, no doubt about that!!!

Still The Same Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France
Big Machine Records - december 21st


Billy Ray Cyrus's new album ''Set The Record Straight'' in one word: FABULOUS!

I am a 25 years Billy Ray Cyrus fan and always will be but, as objectively as I can, thanks so much Billy Ray for these unbelievable auto-covers!!! The best semi Greatest Hits I havce ever heard!

Set The Record Straight Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France
Flatwood Records - 10 novembre




We discored them last summer and they could be (lately) on the cover of our Country Music Mag 56th issue, november/december

American Son Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France

1. American Son - 2. This Town - 3.Won’t Back Down - 4. Never Met a Heart I Wouldn’t Break - 5. Pistols and Pearls 6. Broken Arrow - 7. Georgia - 8. Story of My Life - 9. Guitars, Guns and Whiskey - 10. Time Is Money - 11. Rise Up - 12. New York City, King Size Rosewood Bed - 13. Huntsville

BFD RECORDS, LLC. September 8th



Kenny Chesney's Live in No Shoes Nation: an incredible talented Live album

I have always loved Kenny Chesney (and probably always will ;-) This great live album, so close to perfection, is one more reason, I regret not to be abble to see him, at last, live on stage... Hope I will !?!... With Bruce Springsteen he definitely becames one of my music heroes


Live In No Shies Nation

Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France

Disque 1 : 1. Flora-Bama - 2. Summertime - 3. Big Star (avec Taylor Swift) - 4. Boston - 5. When I See This Bar (with Eric Church) - 6. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems - 7. Anything but Mine - 8. Down the Road (with Mac McAnally) - 9. Guitars and Tiki Bars - 10. Hemingway’s Whiskey - 11. Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (with the Zac Brown Band) - 12. I’m Alive - 13. Save It for a Rainy Day (with Old Dominion) - 14. Pirate Flag

Disque 2 : 1. Somewhere with You - 2. I Go Back - 3. One Step Up - 4. American Kids - 5. You and Tequila (with Grace Potter) - 6. Young - 7. There Goes My Life - 8. Out Last Night - 9. Dust on the Bottle (avec David Lee Murphy) - 10. Coastal - 11. The Boys of Fall - 12. Noise - 13. Old Blue Chair - 14. Medley: The Joker/ Three Little Birds (with Dave Matthews) - 15. Happy on the Hey Now (A Song for Kristi)

Blue Chair Records, LLC - 27 octobre



Our Country Music Mag 55th issue went to the printer

On cover the extraordinary texan band: MIDLAND

Sumary :

  • MIDLAND this fall's revelation!
  • The Kristian Bush's interview
  • Mass murder in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Rfelexions about NRA
  • New record : 17 Country albums reviews!!!
  • One song, o,e story: ''I Need You Now''
  • Good Ol' Time : Patsy Cline
  • US Brands history : Tupperware
  • Western Books on the trail
  • legendary Westerns moovies on DVD's



Midland, is not only one more new neo-Country band !... I can feel their high level talent right to my ears and... Heart. That's for sure!!!

No hesitation to put them on the cover of my 55th issue, they worth it so much! You only got one new album to buy?... Buy this one!

On The Rocks Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France
  • 1. Lonely For You Only
  • 2. Make A Little
  • 3. Drinkin’ Problem
  • 4. At Least You Cried
  • 5. Burn Out
  • 6. Out Of Sight
  • 7. More Than A Fever
  • 8. Check Cashin’ Country
  • 9. Nothin’ New Under The Neon
  • 10. This Old Heart
  • 11. Altitude Adjustment
  • 12. Electric Rodeo
  • 13. Somewhere On The Wind




March 10th, 2010, I was lucky enough to be one of the rare french guys (most of the public was american) to see and listen to Sugarland in a small club in Paris, France. It was the end of your first ever (and only) European tour. A moment I will remember all my life (and I saw hundred of shows since 1976 and my deep love for american and english music), the joy, spirit, power, happyness and emotions Jennifer and you bring to your public was… exceptional! The way Jennifer sang ''love'' was… Pure magic!

Then, March 1st, 2013, I had the pleasure to meet you shortly, before CMA International Marketing Summit and Songwriters Series show at Billy Bob's, Disneyland Paris. I show you the album of photographs I took of this Paris show and you wrote some very kind words in my album. I could feel, once again, all the enthusiasm and the positive attitude you had in your eyes and heart.

So, year after year, will built - with the help of Witney Pastorek (thanks again to made these interviews possible!) - a friendly relationship. Thanks again Kristian to be as available to the most famous music magazine (ROLLING STONE not to name it) as you are to my tiny french magazine!!!

Jacques Mouchet, Country Music Mag manager and your oldest (?) french fan!!!

Kristian Bush and I (2013)  


COUNTRY MUSIC MAG: Back to 2016... What a year ! Participation to, ‘‘Troubadour’’ your first musical; Benny Brown’s proposal to produce Lindsay Ell debut album; new single ‘‘Sing Along’’ (the first and most joyful heart breaking song I have ever heard!); a coming soon (?) new solo album in a new record company...

KRISTIAN BUSH: 2016 Was a year of the unexpected. From Troubadour to Lindsay Ell’s album to the true beginning of my second solo album, It has been everything I have wished for so many years, a chance for me to write more songs, record them, and have a home for them out in the world.

Don't you think that Jon Bon Jovi’s song : ‘‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’’ was made for you?

Ha!!! I love those guys.

More seriously… Do you agree that your (temporary ?) break with Sugarland (because of Jennifer Nettles pregnancy and other good reasons) bring you the room and liberty you needed to spread your own wings ?

The break has given me the chance to really go out and learn from the talented songwriters, artists, and producers in Nashville that I had been too busy to meet.

Did it help to take confidence, not only in your songwriting but also, an important things too: with your own voice ?

It is a thrill for me every time I hear a song of mine on the radio, and an even bigger thrill to hear my own voice coming through the radio speaker. I am grateful every time it happens, and it never stops bringing me joy.

I have always had the feeling that life was some kind of puzzle with pieces (sometime) meeting together in a fabulous way ! What do you think of this impression ?

I love the way the world seems to constantly surprise me with something I would have never thought of that I love. If it is a puzzle, it feels like one that keeps growing bigger and one that doesn’t seem to have edges.

Now a question about your new experience: A few words to qualify your experience to work in a musical, what did it bring you more ?

Working on “Troubadour" brought me two new gifts. First, it brought me a beautiful perfect collaboration with playwright Janece Shaffer. Our dialogue while creating is something special that I have not experienced before. Her stories come alive in my mind. Second, it had been a long while since I had written songs alone. I wrote all of the songs from “Troubadour" by myself, and the confidence that it brought me in retrospect was so valuable.

Kristian Bush and Janece Shaffer (photo courtesy of Al Such Wabe 90.1)  

So now, focus on your actuality: the production of Lindsay Ell debut album Return of one of the things your made of: ''good work with exceptional women''. My good hear and the magic her talent and yours already make me feel that this collaboration will make a new step on both your careers.

Can you describe me in what Lindsay got this ''special thing''. We already both know she is a exceptional guitar player but more than that, can you talk me about his voice or other think you feel rare in her ?

Lindsay’s voice as a writer, as a player, and most importantly, as a singer, speaks to me. I love the way she phrases in all three instances and I love the integrity and respect that she has for herself on the songs. She is brave on the inside and the outside now.

Kristian Bush and Lindsay Ell (photo courtesy of Rick Diamond gettyimages)

Useless to talk about the incredible way she play guitar but you compare (like I do) her voice to Sherryl Crow...

I love all of the different influences I hear in her voice and songs. I’m a big fan of Sheryl Crow and can hear that all over the place in Lindsay’s album.

Kristian, you showed in the past years how eclectic you were in your professional ways… Singer, great guitar player, songwriter, producer, musical songwriter, and it seems to be for you a dream come true : TV Theme songwriter (and I surely forget some…)

I also learned that you worked in 2013 with Sylvie Vartanone of our most famous and popular singer on a country album (''Sylvie in Nashville'').

How and why did she contact you and in what your work with her consist in?

I was asked to submit some songs for her album from her producer Michael Lloyd. Sylvie and I met one day in the lobby of a beautiful hotel in Paris and I listened to her tell me what kinds of songs she loved, what emotions she was chasing in this album, and what attitudes she was attracted to. I love that she loved my so

ngs and was honored and thrilled to be collaborating with such an iconic French artist. What are your next project (film maker, american president ;-) more seriously: an idea about what will come next?…

I am about to finish my second solo album. It is something bigger, better, louder, and more fun than I have attempted before so I am busy putting the final touches on this one. You can find me most days writing for other artists, for myself, for tv or film, and now producing.

One last word: I love this ''sing along'' song and the end of the video brought me tears each time I see it again. as a 33 years old marriage guy with a son (29) and a daughter (31) and now 2 grand sons, it touches me a lot and It shows all the sensibility you get in you and put into your songs and music.

Thank you!! Thank you for listening. That is all I ever truly wish, is for my songs to travel out into the world and help people wherever and whenever they can.


Kip Moore offered us a great third album!... Choose your own hit, most of these songs got that level and worth it!!!

Kip Moore - Slowheart


What a pleasure to find again a Kip Moore motivated enough to propose us an album much more inspired and powerfull that his 2015 ''Wild Ones'' ! Great melodies, hypnotic rythmes and first of all this break voice who is his trademark! Hope to see you one of these days live on stage!!!

KIP MOORE Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France

1. Plead The Fifth - 2. Just Another Girl - 3. I’ve Been Around - 4. Fast Women - 5. Bittersweet Company - 6. Sunburn - 7. More Girls Like You - 8. The Bull - 9. Blonde - 10. Good Thing - 11. Last Shot - 12. Try Again - 13. Guitar Man

MCA Nashville. 8 Septembre 2017



''THE PROJECT'', Lindsay Ell's first solo album #4 at Billboard Country Music albums charts !!!

What a way she made since I first saw her, opening for The Band Perry in this small club in Paris, France (The divan du Monde November 25th, 2013) !!!




Scooter Brown Band: Top Modern Southern Rock !

I discovered this band an hour ago and already feels that they are on their way to the top of music mountains. Four albums already printed, 100 shows a year, headlining or opening for stars such as The Charlie Daniels Band, Travis Tritt, The Marshall Tucker Band.

But most of all (?) a great new single : ''American Son'' announcing a soon to come and surely great album (September 8th)

* : ‘‘Between Hell & Texas’’ (2009) ; ‘‘Live at Big Texas’’ (2010) ; ‘‘Valor’’ (2013) ; ‘‘Scooter Brown Band (2015)




Buddy Jewell (and his french band ;-) offered to his french fans a great show at Equiblues Countrty Music Festival, France !

Buddy Jewell live in France

A REAL pleasure to meet you again 11 years after your first venue in France during Paris Country Music Festival. More than a decade ago but your magic is still the same. A great voice, melodies, songs and words ! A picture of the end of your Saint Agrève Equiblues show and a full review of your show in my next issue of COUNTRY MUSIC MAG (and may be the cover ?) will be publish by the end of august.




We just learn: Toby Keith is back (at last!)

Toby Keith - The Bus songs

We were waiting his new album like a worker wait for his vacation! Toby Keith between two dates on an unbelievable never ending American/canadian tour find a few days to go back in studio enough to record 7 new songs and complete with 3 revisited favourites songs plus 2 live

1. "Shitty Golfer"
2. "Wacky Tobaccy"
3. "Runnin' Block"
4. "Brand New Bow"
5. "Call a Marine"
6. "Hell No"
7. "The Critic"
8. "The Size I Wear"
9. "Ballad of Balad"
10. "Rum Is the Reason"
11. "Weed With Willie" (Live)
12. "Get Out of My Car" (Live)


Take a look at his hilarious new video : ''Wacky Tobaccy''...
  An album under humour and friendship mood !!!



Gretchen is back and Back strong!... What a pleasure to feel her in such good artistic shape!

Gretchen Wilosn - Ready To Get Rowdy


I like this girl! She almost always says what she think. A ''big mouth'' whatever it can (and already) cost her. But before anything else she realize, once more, another great album. She was abble to cross hard times to better shine then. My biggest congratulation Gretchen!

GRETCHEN WILSON Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France
Ready To Get Rowdy

1. Stacy - 2. Salt Mines - 3. Summertime Town - 4. Rowdy - 5. Whiskey and My Bible - 6. Bad Feeling - 7. Letting Go of Hanging On - 8. I Ain’t That Desperate Yet - 9. Hard Earned Money - 10. Mary Kay & Maybelline - 11. A Little Loretta - 12. Big Wood Deck

Redneck Records LLC - 16 juin

What I wrote about her a few month ago


Back to Nashville, Tennessee... At last!

Only one short week ago, my passport was outdated!

A hard week for the nerves when you know that you could be back to Nashville... If you get a brand new one in only height days!

Thanks to french administration and, of course to one of my customer (I cannot name) who finance this next week in ''Music City''.

Heavy schedule with: a show at Grand Ole Opry (!) of Martina McBride + Ray Benson and his legendary Asleeep at The Wheel band, BlueBird Café for a private show, Country Music Hall Of Fame and Museum visit, Ryman Auditium etc...


with Ray Scott and his sixth studio album: 'Guitar For Sale', only series of two words come to my mynd: ''MASTER PIECE'' or ''GOOD TASTE'' !!!

Guitar For Sale - Ray Scott


What a f... album! Ray Scott is back and back real strong! Probably on of his best album! The energy of a young in the experience of a mature artist. What could we ask for more!?! An album you should buy eyes shut but ears wide open!!! (no more ''!'' so I shut up and listen his album twice. On last word: ''Ray, do not sold your guitar!''.

Ray Scott Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France
Guitar For Sale

1. Livin’ This Way - 2. Put Down the Bottle - 3. The Fire - 4. Soberin’ Up - 5. Pray for the Fish - 6. Put Down That Gun - 7. Growin’ Old - 8. Worth Killin’ For - 9. Life Ain’t Long Enough - 10. Doin’ Me Wrong - 11. Guitar for Sale

Jethropolitan Records LLC - 9 juin



Congratulations to Silverado Records, an independant new Nashville Records company, to offer us the opportunity to listen to talented Crystal Yates!
Crystal Yates
CRYSTAL YATES Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France

1. Wearing White - 2. Raining in Amarillo - 3. Turning Me On - 4. Fall in Love Again - 5. As Long as I’m Behavin’

Silervado Records - may, 12 2017

« Amazing soul in her voice and great songs to listen to! You instantly jump on her other productions who confirmed us that she is already to the level of some Country stars»



25 years ago, Billy Ray Cyrus made me discover the Country Music...
Thank you so much!

Summer of 92:

unbelievable: a Country song invided Europe: ''Achy Breaky Heart'' became one of the biggest music phenomenon, a worldwide hit!

Spring of 2017:

« A new, great, soulfull version! »

Billy Ray Cyrus will be on the cover of our 52nd issue


Thank you Joey for this ‘‘heart shaking’’ album... And thank you Rory to be abble to give this album a second chance to be heard!
IF NOT FOR YOU Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France

1. Intro (Have I Told You Lately That I Love You) - 2. Strong Enough To Cry - 3. That’s Important To Me - 4. When The Needle Hit The Vinyl - 5. Nothing To Remember - 6. The Cowboy’s Mine - 7. If Not For You - 8. Southern Girl - 9. Red - 10. Like A Rodeo (avec Paul Overstreet) - 11. See You There - 12. Old Paint

Gaither Music Group - 7 Avril 2017

« With this great album, Joey is forever with us! »

Download on Rory Feek's web site


Ray Scott will release his sixth studio album: 'Guitar For Sale', on June 9, 2017

Ray Scott

We had the pleasure to meet and interwieved him when he went in France early 2016 at Billy Bob's Saloon, Disneyland Paris. One of the most beloved Country Music american artist in France who offered us a great show.

Guitar For Sale - Ray Scott

Ray said: «When I went into the studio with my friend, and new producer, Michael Hughes, my goal was to do something a little different, something live tracked that’s not so polished, maybe even rough in spots, with the hope we’d come out with a product that had elements reminiscent of the way music first hit my ears when I was a young’un,” said Scott. “It wasn’t my intent to worry about what the rest of Nashville was doing… 'course it never has been. I’m proud to say I think we accomplished that. My first single, ‘Livin’ This Way’ is based on a classic country music theme - pain. In keeping with my habit of honesty in songwriting, I thought it was a good way introduce this new project.»

I can't wait to listen to his brand new album and come back to you to review it!

Ray Scott on january/februay 2016 MADE IN USA magazine's cover



I'll never forget the way he held my hand in his hand when I meet him in Switzerland, september 2011, at Country Night Festival in Gstaad. I told him all the good I think of him and how I made 600 miles by car to see him for the first time live on stage.

He was not in his best shape but gave us a great show in front of a cold switzerland audience...

Glad to see you back with a great album Trace!


12 songs, all of equal Top quality.

Hope to see you again one of these days in... USA


What a pleasure for all french Country Music fans: this next summer at Equiblues Country Music Festival : Buddy Jewell (He did not came back to France since Paris Country Festival, 2006) and Trent Tomlinson for the first time in France!


Almost no news about him since four long years and then... The return (at last!) of a giant. I miss you Trace but it worth the wait!
SOMETHING'S GOING ON Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France

1. Ain’t Just the Whiskey Talkin’ - 2. Jesus and Jones - 3. Watered Down - 4. Something’s Going On - 5. If Only You Were Lonely - 6. Gonna Make You Miss Me - 7. I’m Gone - 8. Country Boy Problems - 9. Lit - 10. Still a Soldier - 11. Whippoorwills and Freight Trains - 12. Hang

Wheelhouse Records
(a division of Broken Bow Records)
March 31st, 2017

« ''Something's Going On'' after 4 long silence years, marked the return of a Country Music Giant. Thanks God, It worth the wait! »



MAREN MORRIS will tour Europe for the first time ever next winter

Maren morris Hero european Tour

Tickets go on sale 9am Friday 17th March and will be available at:

more info about Maren on:


Congratulation to Aaron Watson ‘‘VAQUERO’’ 2nd step on Billboard Country Albums podium!!!

Aaron Watson - Vaquero

2 years ago Aaron Watson became the first independent Country artist to place his album (''The Unbderdog'') on the first step of Billboard Country Albums charts! He almost made it twice if... Little Big town did it.

more info on

Country music Mag First issue

Emmylou Harris will headline 30th edition of Country rendez-Vous most popular french Country Festival

French Country Music fans are proud to receive this next summer at 30th Country Rendez-Vous, our most popular Country Music festival in France Miss Emmylou Harris, Country Music legend


Aaron Watson will be back (february 24th) with ‘‘VAQUERO’’ his brand new album

Some of his songs can already be heard and, no surprise : we know that after his great ''The Underdog'' album, his Texas authentic raw magic is not gone!

more info on

Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France

on february, 24th!


MADE IN USA magazine is a printed edition, a web site and a YouTube TV


Toby Keith, I love this bar'' Live at paradiso, AMmasterdam, TRhe Netherlands

November, 3rd, 2011

I drive 900 miles to see my first ever Toby Keith show live on stage at Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Took a few video like that great version of ''I love This Bar'' What a good souvenir.

To play the video, click on the picture above


‘‘Act Like You Don’t’’ the new single from Brooke Eden confirmed...

Another proof that this young lady will soon make part of Nashville Country's Who's Who!

Brooke Eden - Act Like You Don't

Her powerfull (and a little broken) voice already show all the energy and talent she got in.

After her 2014 great first EP and the single ''Daddy's Money'', her new single and ''Welcome To The Weekend'' EP confirmed her futur status.

She will headline her first USA spring/summer Welcome To The Weekend Tour. More informations on web site

‘‘Act Like You Don't’’ single, and ‘‘Welcome To The Weekend’’ EP both to buy, eyes shut but ears wide open !

Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France



‘‘Sing It Now - Songs of Hope & Faith’’' is a pure jewel

No doubt once more Reba proove to anybody that she is the Queen of Country

Reba McEntire - Songs of Faith & Hope

Most of the songs are Gospel songs and so Incredibly interpreted! Reba, for those who doubt again (but is there some?) is on her highest level of emotion and technic. A pinacle only the biggest female stars reached: Céline Dion, Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston

‘‘Sing It Now’’, an album that got soul!

Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France



Was I asleep ? Southern Halo kick my ass and awake me!

Wake up!... Buy this album !Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France

A pure wonder!


What a trio!

Their first album is a pure wonder! A great mix of vocal harmonies with Bluegrass-Rock on a Spicy Southern Rock hot sauce. Congratulations girls you produced a Country/Pop/Rock to raise the dead and show that talent does not wait the age. Listen the album once... You'll love it. Twice... You'll be addict!

Best songs :

  • ‘‘ I Ain’t Crazy (But My Daddy Is)’’ - a great Country/Rock
  • ‘‘I Don’t Wanna Move On’’ - a soulfull ballad
  • ‘‘ Cowboys ’’ - creation of a new genre: Bluegrass/Rock!

You agree, You don't ?... Send an email to:


Lindsay Ell, live at Divan du monde, Paris, France
November 25th, 2013. Lindsay Ell opened for The Band Perry - Pioneer World Tour - at ''Divan du Monde'', Paris, France. A great show!!!

Lindsay Ell (and Kristian Bush) are back!

I had the pleasure to be one of the rare french guy to see and listen Lindsay Ell when she opened for The Band Perry at ''The divan du Monde'', Paris, France during their ''We are Pioneer'' 2013 World tour and began and instantly impressed by this young artist and great guitar player (I always loved great guitar player).

So I was suprise (and happy!!!) to learn that she worked with Kristian Bush, another american artist I met in Disneyland Paris in 2013 (God damned fuckin' good year!) and was fan of since... A decade.

Lindsay is surely a great guitar player but more than that: a great singer too! She reminds me Sherryl Crow (not so bad to be compare to !?!).

Kristian turned all he touched to GOLD so...

Talent of Kristian + talent of Lindsay sure will make a success in a few months!!!

MADE IN USA magazine 51st issue's cover
  Lindsay Ell alive and well in Paris, France, Nov. 25, 2013


Mucho Love Music

Mucho Love Music is a brand new talented Record Company that will soon celebrate his first anniversary of business in the Country Music.

They helped me last month to be in contact with Trent Tomlinson, one of the artists they had the nose to help to produce his long awaited second album.

An old dream for me: Trent Tomlinson's french fan since a decade.

MADE IN USA magazine, France is proud to be the first music magazine to put Trent Tomlinson on his 50th issue's cover (before the title of the magazine change to COUNTRY MUSIC MAG) !

Wished I could be with you guys to celebrate your first anniversary!



Gretchen Wilson, an artist we love in France, will be back in 2017, and back strong ! with...
Gretchen Wilson - Rowdy

Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, Franceitunes

American Music industry has always been quick to forget artists that does not sell enough anymore. Even if they were very good sellers before. One of the high developped pragmatism we do not always understand in France...

Gretchen Wilson, an artist we appreciate a lot at MADE IN USA magazine, is one of them.

She made her debut in 2004, sold multi platinum, charted 13 singles (5 top 10!), got Awards and then, 2008 and... Less success.

So we are very happy to discover that she is back and back strong with 'Rowdy', this great single we hope that announce a comin' album!?!


''A good news never come alone'' and we are also happy to learn that this song was co-wrote* by Trent Tomlinson who made is great come back too!

* and Shane Minor